Today, Tuesday June 2, Kayla Thomas will be participating in Blackout Tuesday to honor George Floyd and the countless others who died unlawfully at the hands of police officers. We here at B100 Stand with our college, and will not be posting anything to our social media for the rest of the day. Thomas went on to say,

I, along with my industry peers, will be using this day as "a time to disconnect from work and reconnect with our community." I will not be on the radio and PopCrush will not be posting on our sites as we take this day to reflect on the actions that we, all as one, need to take to support the black community.

We encourage everyone here in the Quad Cities to take this day to educate themselves, have important conversations and figure out how we can act in an effective way that will bring forth change. I will also be looking at ways to further my understanding and education in these maters. She also went on to state,

As a black woman, it is hard to continuously watch this happen to a citizenship of people who have been disenfranchised for so many years. I am crying for George Floyd, Amaud Abrey, Breonna Taylor, my family, my church, my community and my country.


You can see Kayla's full statement here. 

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