Post Malone was all smiles the other day talking about his chance to be in a commercial with Bud Light. Stating that he never thought he would be in a commercial.

Post Malone told PEOPLE exclusively on the set of the shoot. “I fu--ing love Bud Light so much. I’ve been drinking it since the legal age of 21, I never thought I’d be in a commercial, but I guess people wanted me to be in a commercial, so I’ll be in a commercial.”

The coolest part about this is there are currently two commercials out now and you can vote on which one you like more, and the winner will be played at the Super Bowl. After seeing both I can't pick. One has a better punch line, but the other has a funnier story. You can check them out now and see for your self which one you like:

That was the better punch line in my opinion, plus post asking for pretzels was amazing.

The taste buds and spleen scene had me dying. Post's smile was also amazing.

It's always great to see people's dreams come true, and this was clearly a dream for Post. He will also be in a Netflix action movie, this year. Looks like his acting is taking off.

You can still vote for your favorite commercial. Which one was your favorite?

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