Back in February, we told you that the QC Airport was urging airline passengers to show up earlier or risk missing their flight.

Apparently, many travelers have not been heeding that warning since the airport felt compelled to make another Facebook post about the issue:


QCI warns passengers that they must check in 90 minutes to 2 hours before their flight, just as you would at larger airports, along with making sure to arrive at their gate 30 minutes prior to departure. Since many flights leave at the same time in the morning, checkpoint areas often become congested. Despite the explanation for showing up early, there were several people that complained in the Facebook comments section.

"There is no reason MLI should require travelers to be there 2 hours before flight time... Hire a full TSA team."

"MLI should represent your local customers and ask homeland security to properly staff your airport.... that is not OUR job."

"I can understand safety, but really double and triple screening is a bit much and they are really careful but that's going overboard in my opinion."

"Yea because guess what we have nothing better to do! especially when the flight is delayed by an hour & we weren't notified.. yep thanks we will keep that in mind!"

It seems to me that the airport is only trying to make the process easier for everyone involved. Hopefully, despite the comments, passengers will start taking the warning seriously. Showing up early isn't fun, but it's a much bigger hassle to miss your flight.

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