At this point, we should probably rename Cinco de Mayo to Cinco de Drinko.

Everyone's favorite drinking holiday falls on a Saturday this year, meaning things are about to get even crazier than usual. Applebee's is aware of this, hence why they made their drink special for May Dos Equis. That's right, according to Delish, you can get the refreshing Mexican beer draft for just two bucks the entire month of May.

Oh, and even better news? The chain's infamous $1 margaritas are sticking around until Cinco de Mayo too.

$1 margs plus $2 Dos Equis=One hundred percent chance of being wasted at Applebee's by noon on Cinco de Mayo.

In all seriousness, I love that Applebee's is giving us a genuinely good beer for their May special. They may still have a chance to win me over as a customer.

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