Warning: some details of this case may be disturbing.

Davenport resident Colin J. Glubszynski has been arrested and charged with animal torture after abusing his dog, according to Local News 4 and The Quad City Times.

Police were called on Colin J. Glubszynski after someone spotted the man's dog bleeding at his residence.

-affidavit from Scott County District Court

The affidavit also stated that the abuse was done with "sadistic intent."


The dog had her throat cut at least twice and was hit in the head so badly that part of her skull was protruding out.

Luckily, the dog survived and is currently being treated by a vet. Glubszynski is being held at the Scott County Jail. In addition to the animal torture charge, he is also facing one count of interference with official acts after attempting to return home while under arrest.

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