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Risto Viitanen

A QC family had an upsetting experience at a local restaurant last week.

Local News 4 reports that Amanda Dominguez shared details on Facebook regarding a creepy encounter her daughter recently had at Dynasty Buffet in Davenport.

Amanda and her family were eating at the restaurant when her teenage daughter, Isabel, went to use the restroom. The girl was allegedly followed inside the women's bathroom by a male restaurant worker who asked the girl for her name and phone number in Spanish.

On her way out of the bathroom, the male worker continued to speak in Spanish to the Isabel, who didn't understand everything he was saying.

The girl's cousin also witnessed part of the incident since she entered the bathroom shortly after Isabel.

Amanda said she could tell Isabel was upset when she returned to the table. The girl told her parents about the encounter, prompting her mother to speak out on Facebook.

Dynasty Buffet claims the employee had entered the women's restroom to refill paper towels. The Dominguez family isn't buying the excuse, and would like for the employee to be terminated for his inappropriate behavior. The family has also filed a police report.

As of the Local News 4 story, the employee had not been terminated.

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