Love Wendy's Frostys? You're in luck.

The fast-food chain is running a new promotion where you can grab a free Frosty every single day of 2019. According to WRBCtv, all you have to do to score the treat is purchase a Frosty Key Tag for $2 between now and January 31. The deal is good at Wendy's stores nationwide, including the QC.

You'll receive one free vanilla or chocolate Frosty Jr. upon presenting the key tag, but we're guessing you'll probably be buying some french fries to dip in that Frosty as long as you're there, right?

And making the deal even sweeter, Wendy's will donate 85 percent of profits from the Frosty Tag to the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, a charity that helps foster kids find permanent homes.

The tag can be clipped to your keys or attached to whatever place makes it most accessible when you're craving some Wendy's. Wendy's plus a good cause? We are so there.

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