Have you ever been to Mcdonald's with a huge craving for and ice cream cone, shake, or Mcflurry, and hear the famous words "Our Ice Cream Machine is down"? Let me tell you, it has happened to me more ti mes than I am proud of. Especially here in the Quad Cities. Well I actually went into the Moline location and asked them straight up. "Why are your Ice Cream Machines always down?" The answer was pretty obvious. The manager at this location said that it takes 4 HOURS to clean the ice cream machines! You heard that right, 4 HOURS! On top of it all, it is necessary for them to clean the machines every day to keep them clean enough to keep up with sanitation codes. With all the other responsibilities the workers have, the ice cream machine is at the bottom of the list. So, there goes our answer as far as WHY the machines are always down. What about the future, though? Do they plan on doing something about this? Are they going to fix this problem so we can get a Mcflurry whenever we want?!

The answer is YES!

This has actually been in the works for a long time. The manager said "Trust me, all of us managers know of all the complaints". He even went on to say "Corporate has been working on getting all McDonald's locations new machines since i started working here in 2017".

These new machines supposedly make cleaning much easier. They also allow for the locations the have the machines working the whole time the location is open. The Moline manager said they hope to have these new machines in by the end of the year or at the beginning of spring of next year at the latest. Once this happens, we will never have to hear the words "Our ice cream machine is down" from Mcdonald's again.