With all the construction going on in the Quad Cities there is plenty of merging going on. Almost every highway or road seems like it is cutting down to 1 lane. After driving in Chicago for so many years, driving in the QC should be a breeze. But you can only drive as good as those around you. Don't get me wrong... there are bad drivers everywhere. Merging is an art that differs between drivers. I am definitely that guy who doesn't merge right away. I typically try to get as far down the lane that is merging and cut over at the very last minute. Experts say that that isn't necessarily the "jerk" thing to do as much as people may think. In fact, merging that way (last minute) makes less traffic than actually merging the second you see the merge.

It isn't the most efficient way though. The efficient way to merge without causing more or extra heavy traffic is the "Zipper Merge". This is how they merge overseas in counties like Germany. I personally don't think we Americans are discipline enough to execute the zipper merge.

I am willing to try anything to fix the traffic in the Quad Cities, though. This road construction is getting redic!

Check out the Zipper Merge below.

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