The annual Quad Cities race made money prizes equal for women cyclists.

Something that's been long overdue or just simply looked over are equal prizes for women in pro races. QC Criterium organizer John Harrington, decided to make history on Memorial Day for the women cyclists who competed.

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"We're equalizing the prizes for the men and women pros, so top four all get the same money,"

Women cyclists are becoming more and more recognized and interest in the sport, (and races like QC Criterium) is increasing. There was a 40 minute race through the Village of East Davenport, with 30 women competeing. That is double what it was in 2016.

My daughters were at the race yesterday. While they may not know or understand fully the significance of being there during such a great time for women equality in pro racing, some day, I know they will be happy for the memories, knowing history really was made right before their eyes.