This weekend is a great chance to help Quad Cities women learn about ovarian cancer.

They say the best way to combat it is to catch it early. But what happens when there isn't even a test for certain types of cancers? How will you know?

That is what Norma Leah Ovarian Cancer Initiative is all about. Located in Rock Island, they are trying to help raise education and awareness of what it is, what the symptoms and risk factors are and everything you need to know to help you and the women you love.

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This is why you can join them this weekend, May 7th at River Music Experience downtown Davenport, along with local artists and musicians, for a day of art, live music, food and a silent auction. Hosted by a survivor and well-known Quad Citian, Paula Sands, GirlParts Fest is using art to raise awarness.


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