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Halloween Party With Children Trick Or Treating In Costume

Halloween is right around the corner and it's hard to judge how to dress yourself and the kids when Trick-or-Treating. Some years it's warm, others it's very cold. Even though we've had snow earlier this Halloween week, we'll see temps rise for Halloween itself.

This Halloween week, the weather has been what I would call "typical Quad Cities weather." On Monday,  we saw highs in the low 30's and light snow. We moved to the mid 30's on Tuesday and 50* on Wednesday. Thursday and Friday we'll see highs in the mid 40's with some sun shining through, but what about Halloween for Trick-or-Treating on Saturday?

According to the National Weather Service of the Quad Cities and our weather partner, Local 4 News, Saturday is shaping up to be a great day to get out, do some yard work, hand out candy and go Trick-or-Treating. As of now (Thursday) in and around the Quad Cities, we'll see highs in the upper 50's in our northern towns, and lowers 60's in the immediate Quad Cities area and in our southern towns.

The National Weather Service of the Quad Cities, during the day we'll see a high of 60* in the Quad Cities. As we get closer to Trick-Or-Treat times, temps will drop down to the mid 40's to lower 50's. We will see some gusty winds throughout Halloween at 10-20 mph, with wind gusts as high as 30 mph.

Local 4 News is projecting a high of 63* on Saturday during the day. They are also projecting winds out of the SW at 15-25 mph, with wind gusts possible. We'll see a low of 35* in the overnight heading into November.

I suggest bundling up yourself and the kids a little bit if they plan to go out and Trick-Or-Treat. Those winds and cooler evening temps will make things a little chilly.

Have a safe, happy, and warm Halloween!

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