Over 30 Tornado Warnings Issued in Iowa on Wednesday (VIDEOS)
Over 30 Tornado Warnings were issued between 3:55 PM – 10:34 PM on July 14 by the National Weather Service with at least 12 confirmed Tornadoes just by the NWS office in Des Moines. (The NWS in Des Moines oversees 51 counties in Iowa, including Black Hawk, Bremer, and Fayette) Utah was the only other state issuing a Tornado Warning on Wednesday: The National Weather Service in Des Moines will be s
Jeep Gets Hit By Multiple Lightning Strikes (VIDEO)
Dashcam video caught the exact moment a Jeep Grand Cherokee was struck by lightning multiple times while driving down a highway in Kansas. In the 13-second video, the vehicle appears to be hit by one bolt of lightning then three or four more times in quick succession, frying the SUV's electrical system...

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