The FDA announced an ultimatum on the crackdown of e-cigarette use among teens and Quad Cities schools respond.

E-cigarette and vape usage has gone up so much that the FDA is cracking down on manufacturers and expecting stricter guidelines.

Moline high school enforcement officer, Ryan Brownell told this week that,

Since some e-cigs and vapes are easy to conceal because they don't look like cigarettes, identifying them in the classroom can be difficult. Until I read the article at, I had no idea they can even look like USB drives.

No doubt, if it's the new 'in' trend and tastes like fruity flavors, teens are going to want to try it. It takes everyone doing their part in our community and at home to help our kids not want to hurt themselves. Kids are experimental and we must lead and guide them to help them want to keep themselves safe. As parents, we can preach all day long about what they 'shouldn't' be doing. It's when they make the choice for themselves that ultimately empowers them.


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