Sure, around here, Quad Cities style pizza is the norm. But outside of this region, not many people are familiar with our particular brand of pie.

Until someone comes along and writes about it, that is.

MSN recently gave the QC fave a glowing review. In an article entitled "This Midwest Region You've Probably Never Heard of Makes the Best Pizza You've Never Tried," the site first explains just exactly what the Quad Cities are to those who are unfamiliar, then delves into what sets the pizza apart from the pack.

The author visited Harris Pizza and describes the "nutty sweetness" of the dough, the slightly spicy sauce, and the chunked mozzarella, along with the cutting of the pie into strips. In the end, he concludes that QC Style is indeed the best pizza you've never tried, and it's as unique as the Quad Cities themselves.

What do you think? Is QC style your fave or do you prefer or more traditional pizza?

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