Rejoice, bargain lovers! In an effort to compete with low price stores like Aldi, People reports that Walmart has been lowering prices on grocery staples like eggs and milk at many of its stores throughout the Southeast and Midwest. Although Aldi is typically viewed as the cheapest grocery store around, a study done by Reuters showed that a sampling of 15 random grocery items purchased at Walmart stores where price cuts have gone into effect were 5-10 percent cheaper than at Aldi.

Target has also been making efforts to slash prices on grocery items after seeing a huge drop in the fourth quarter of 2016 (I know, it's hard to believe that Target isn't doing well, especially since I spend half my income there). While we have a large Super Target store here in Davenport, non-Super Targets are often viewed as having overpriced groceries and bad selection.

Target's CEO, Brian Cornell, said in a statement that the retail giant is committed to investing in lower gross margins to ensure competitive prices. Translation? Expect the cost of Target groceries to go down, leaving room for you to spend more on things you don't need from the dollar section. Pretty smart thinking on their part.

Check out more info regarding the price cuts here.

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