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Between the year of 2020 and the holiday season, a lot of alcohol will be consumed before the beginning of 2021. But how often will Quad Citizens be slamming booze this holiday season? Quite a few days in a row, actually.

Between lockdowns, social isolation and distancing, and working from home, 2020 has been rough for many of us. The holiday season is a great way to get some cheer during this crazy year. It's great time to indulge on sweets, yummy food, eggnog, and for a lot of us, alcohol.

A new survey of 3,000 Americans (ages 21+) by Addiction-Treatment.com, a leading provider of alcohol addiction rehabilitation resources, has revealed just how often, and how many days in a row, the average American will drink during the holidays.

Addiction-Treatment.com found that the average person drinks for four days in a row over the holiday season, without having a day off. A few other key facts they found in their survey include

  • Almost half of Americans say drinking at Christmas is a family tradition.
  • Over one-third (35%) say they gift alcohol to loved ones at Christmas.
  • 24% admit they spike their morning coffee with alcohol during the holidays.
  • 16% of people are concerned about their loved ones’ drinking habits these holidays following the circumstances brought on by the pandemic.
  • A third say after social isolation, they will drink more this Christmas to celebrate being around loved ones again.

Looking at all 50 states, Washington and Idaho drink for the longest consecutive days in a row at six days. Folks in Hawaii, Louisiana, New Hampshire and West Virginia stay a little more sober and drink for just two days in a row over the holidays.

Addiction-Treatment.com's survey found that Quad Citizens drink four days in a row, the national average, during the holidays, without a break. The good news? Christmas eve is a Thursday, so just start then and end on Sunday the 27th.

Hopefully you won't be too hung-over by then!

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See how many days in a row other states drink alcohol consecutively below.

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