Earlier this week, I asked the Book of Faces what businesses you would like to see come to the Quad Cities. The top two answers are very different vibes indeed, but I too wouldn't hate to see either of them come around.

The question I posed on Facebook was this:

The number one answer (as of now anyway) is Trader Joe's. I do love a good Trader Joe's trip, I had one nearby when I lived in Nashville. It's like Target for me: I walk out with more stuff than I walked in to get. They have good almond butter and chocolate-covered stuff.

Coming in at number two is Dave & Buster's. Sharp jump from Trader Joe's, no? But there's no need to be too salty: you can still get the arcade bar night out, check out Analog Arcade Bar in downtown Moline or downtown Davenport.

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Also on the list are:

  • IKEA (I'm not putting that stuff together.)
  • Any 24-hr restaurants like Bojangle's or Waffle House (for shift workers. Makes sense)
  • Meijer (a grocery store)
  • Whole Foods (another great spot)
  • Cheesecake Factory
  • Texas Roadhouse (to the IL side)
  • Ramen Belly
  • A boba tea spot in Bettendorf
  • White Castle
  • World Market (love this treasure trove too)
  • Pot Belly's
  • Bass Pro or Cabela's (I am honestly surprised there's not one.)
  • Whataburger
  • Giordano's
  • In and Out

Do you have any ideas of businesses that you would like to see in the QCA? Comment on our Facebook post and let me know!

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