They say money can't buy you happiness, right? Well a new study says that's not entirely true. Quad City workers would be MUCH happier with a significant pay increase, and to be honest, I'm on board. Give me that cash money!

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A new study from Solitaired has come out showing just how much workers in each state would need to be happy. To find this our, they surveyed 3,900 full-time workers via Google Surveys during the month of March this year.

While the past year has been tough because of the COVID-19 pandemic, workers across the country say they all could use a salary increase to stay happy.

Even though the saying goes "money can't buy your happiness", a small portion (15%) of those surveyed truly believe money can buy genuine happiness. The other 85% don't actually think that.

Solitaired also found that almost half (47%) of respondents admit to having purchased unnecessary items to make themselves feel happier. 53% said that they have been more reflective during the pandemic, which has caused them re-evaluate what makes them happy in life.

Because it's Solitaired, they looked at how online gaming has helped over the past year with combating loneliness. The pandemic has caused loneliness in both young and old people over the past year. The survey revealed that lonely people have been seeking relief in their loneliness in online chat rooms and gaming.

Over 1 in 10 (12%) people who live alone and play online games say they have formed true friendships online. 27% say this helps them feel less lonely. 29% of online gamers say they mostly play against strangers, 33% say they compete with friends and 38% say they usually play against A.I. technology.

1 in 3 respondents that have been at home with people during the pandemic, say playing games with their family have become more competitive since the start of the pandemic.

Solitaired also found in their survey that 17% report playing online games when they should have been working.

Now, how much does Quad City workers need to be happier? The survey found that both Iowa and Illinois workers need more than a 40% salary increase.

Iowa workers say they need an exact 40% increase to be happy. Translated to a dollar amount, an average 40% increase in a salary in Iowa would be a $16,077 increase per year.

Illinois workers want a little more. Illinois workers say that they would need a 42% increase to be happier. That would be an average of an extra $18,001 per year for Illinois workers.

See the interactive map below fore more details:


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