File this one under world's dumbest criminals. And apparently hungriest, too.

You have to be pretty high to park outside of a police station with a bunch of drugs while having your late night snack. The News Tribune reports that Ethan Seidel of Rock Falls was just high enough to accomplish that feat this past Tuesday morning.

Seidel, along with a buddy, decided to park his car outside of the La Salle, IL station to chow down on some donuts at 4 AM. When cops noticed the strange car, they approached the vehicle and were greeted with a cloud of pot smoke. It only got worse from there.

Seidel ended up being wanted for larceny and also had meth, cocaine, and LSD inside his car. He was arrested and charged with possession of each drug. Bond has been set at $15,000. The female companion was also wanted for a crime, but cops could not arrest her due to the warrant being outside of their jurisdiction.

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