You never want to hear you're going to have to pay more money for something. And you probably especially don't want to hear it as we start heading into the holidays. Unfortunately, for Rock Island residents, it's happening.

According to WQAD, Rock Island County has officially approved an 8.9% property tax increase. Per their report, the additional collected funds will be used to "help cover the cost of the county's contribution to the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund, rising Medicare and Social Security costs, and to help cover pending legal settlements."

The decision didn't happen without hearing the opinions of Rock Island residents. WQAD reports that the decision was made after a public hearing that was held on Tuesday, November 19th.

Though 8.9% might sound like quite a bit, the County Administrator says that in reality, it'll be a minimal amount of money. That said, not everyone was happy about it. Per WQAD, "residents say minimal or not, the county shouldn't raise taxes to cover its debt."

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