Olga Popova

Sock definitely warm more than just your feet.

I'm going there...'hallmark-card-land,' where what I say is as warm and cozy as fleecy socks are on your feet, that is, if you have socks.

There's nothing like a warm, fresh pair of socks as a way to warm your feet and your heart this winter. I finally had to surrender to winter by deciding I was going to embrace it like those in frigid Denmark do. It's a practice called 'hygee' (pronounced hoo-guh) and it's the best way to survive the darker hours and cold. It's more of a mindset than anything, but so far, it's been a great help to me.

While wearing socks may not be every person's preference, even in the winter, for some, it's no choice. One very special woman in Rock Island, Sharon Hayslett, is like the sock fairy and makes sure kids don't have cold feet.

"The first thing I do is look at a person's feet, to see if they got socks on," said Hayslett.

According to WQAD.com,she has been giving socks for years and has the non-profit, "All God's Children Shall Have Socks." Last year alone, she gave out 5,000 pairs.

If you'd like to help Ms. Hayslett distribute socks or donate to the sock-fund by calling 309-373-8233.