Most people when they have a rodent problem call the exterminator, which is totally understandable. Exterminators know what they are doing. They are pros and can usually help solve your rodent problem fast.

My office had a bag of chips on the bottom shelf and I noticed one day that a mouse had chewed through it. I asked around and it looked like mice had made a few appearances all over the building, probably due to the cold. I quickly became friends with my office mice and named the two of them "Frank" and "Umabrita." That's when I got the news that the exterminators were coming.

I decided I would try to catch the two of them. Surprisingly it was pretty easy since they were already used to me. I now have the both of them as pets.

As of right now they are happy, and slowly getting used to humans.

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It may be a bit weird to try and save some mice, but it was fun to catch them and now be able to call them my pets.

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