The old saying goes: April showers bring May flowers. But this year, it's been more like: April snow makes my top want to blow.

It hasn't felt like it lately, but it is technically Spring. The first official day of the season was March 20. But, since then, we've had snow, hail and pretty much every other weather emoji there is. So, when I'm particularly frustrated with having to de-ice my car on an April Tuesday Morning, I turn to one of my favorite comfort foods: ice cream.

Yes, it sounds odd to be thinking about ice cream in freezing temperatures BUT for once I have science on my side (we've never really gotten along).

As it turns out, eating ice cream actually heats up the body in the long run, since your system is breaking down the calories and nutrients. And apparently, this has been true for a few years – The Conversation published their findings in 2015. Why didn't anyone tell me?!

Now if you're really a stickler about only eating ice cream when it's warm, then I still bring good news! The Quad Cities are supposed to hit temps in the lower 70s this week. And it just so happens that Whitey's has a tropical Key Lime Piña Colada Shake all through April.

Thank me later.

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