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Residents of Scott County will not be required to wear a mask in public after the Scott County Board of Supervisors voted 'no' to the mandate.

During a meeting on Thursday night, the Scott County Board of Supervisors met to vote on whether to require people throughout the entire county to be required to wear a mask while in public. According to our news partner, Local 4 News, the proposal was ultimately voted down.

Local 4 News is reporting that even though the board voted down the proposal, they instead adopted and amended the measure to “strongly encourage” people to wear masks.

This vote comes after the Mayor of Muscatine, Diana Broderson, signed a proclamation on Monday mandating that people are required to wear a mask in the city of Muscatine while in public. The Iowa attorney general's office said that Mayor Broderson could not mandate mask wearing in public. The reason being is that her proclamation goes against the Governor's emergency disaster proclamation in place. Mayor Broderson said that she will continue to keep her mandate in place.

According to Local 4 News, people opposing the original proposal for Scott County to require a mask in public said that legally they couldn't even enforce that mandate. People supporting this proposal want decisions like this to be made at the local and county levels.

Ken Croken, a Scott County supervisor and supporter of the proposal, told Local 4 News,

Local 4 News also reports that the Scott County Board of Supervisors tabled a resolution to require people to wear a mask while inside the administration building.

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