Did you and some friends skip school on senior skip day back in high school? I know I did, but to be fair I asked my mom to call me in sick. So it's doesn't count. On senior skip day, most people go back to their house, or hangout with friends for so one must ask... What are they going to do this year?

April 20th is notorious for being senior skip day all over the US, and today many seniors are still trying to do it. With so much taken away from this years seniors it kind of makes sense to want to keep something going.

What doesn't make sense is how do you skip class on Zoom? One tweet from students suggested making there own zoom meeting called "Skip day" others are just not showing up, logging on, or refusing to watch the lecture on YouTube. One person suggested people show up to the school building and have a distance party.

Some have to admire the spirit of these seniors. They really are trying their best to make a skip day work, but they are already home so hey everyone is kinda skipping this year.

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