We all know what TikTok is, and at this point you either love it or hate it, but for many fans of a long forgotten TV show they currently love it. The show is called "Clone High". It aired for one season, and was well liked, but didn't have enough of an audience. Until now.

How is a show now getting a season 2 18 years after the original season? Well TikTok allows you to do voice overs and take sounds from shows. Clone High was already getting a solid cult following and had a rumored season 2, but then someone shared a clip of the character "JFK" saying:

"Nothing bad ever happens to the Kennedys"

This line went viral, and got even more clips shared leading to people falling in love with show. So what is it about?

A group of high-school teens are the products of government employees' secret experiment. They are the genetic clones of famous historical figures who have been dug up, re-created anew. Joan of Arc, Cleopatra, JFK, Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln and more are juxtaposed as teenagers dealing with teen issues in the 20th century.

It's a very self aware show that has a true charm. The fan favorite is JFK.

Source: YouTube Credit: Clone High
Source: YouTube
Credit: Clone High

He was original written as a bully figure for the main character Abe, but is now beloved by the new fan base.

I watched the show two years ago on YouTube, and am not sure how much longer it will be up, but as of now the whole season is up on YouTube for free. You will have to deal with those annoying political adds in between, but hey it's free!

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