A recent study using Smartphone data has revealed which states are social distancing the best, and which one's are doing the worst.

A company basically analyzes phone GPS locations and data launched a “Social Distancing Scoreboard” that grades, county by county. The location data comes from games, shopping and utility apps that tens of millions of Americans have installed on their phones . It uses the reduction in the total distance we travel as a rough estimate for whether we’re staying at home, or not.

Unacast assigned an A grade to places that show at least a 40 percent decrease in average distance traveled, and deemed anything less than a 10 percent change an F. So far only Wyoming earned that grade.

The Grades work like this:


Sage Green-B

Seaweed Green-C

Apricot Orange-D

Bright Orange-F


As you can see Iowa isn't doing the best right now, and Illinois is doing fine. The maps are searchable and will be updated daily. On Monday, the New York Times posted GPS released the data results so far.

Over all, for now our country as a whole is sitting at a solid B for social distancing.

We should also note that There’s no evidence that the U.S. government is using phones to enforce stay-at-home orders or track patients.

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