This year, there was a lot of entertainment to choose from over the 4th of July holiday. Among the options was Spider-Man: Far From Home. It hit theaters on July 2nd, and officially caps off Phase Three of the MCU.

It's hard to discuss this too in-depth without giving away spoilers, but I'll do what I can. Overall, it was great. It was the perfect dose of light-heartedness we needed after the emotional beating that was Avengers: Endgame.

Far From Home is the first MCU movie to show what life is like after the snap (or as they've come to call it, The Blip). And yet, it doesn't highlight the struggles of readjusting as much as you might think. It mostly just touches on it once, at the beginning of the film.

At first this bothered me; surely returning to high school five years later would be hard, right? But the more I think about it, the more I'm glad it didn't stress the trauma of it. They keep the mood light, and momentum going forward.

Far From Home also puts MJ – Zendaya's iteration of her might be my favorite yet – in the spotlight way more than Homecoming did. Her chemistry with Holland makes for an adorable, and more importantly, believable relationship with Peter Parker.

Mysterio is an excellent addition to the MCU, and Jake Gyllenhaal clearly has a lot of fun playing him. His powers also make for some seriously cool action sequences. Kids will love it (I felt like a kid watching it!).

Unfortunately, you can't just drop in on this film if you're a casual Marvel fan. There's way too much history built in, and you will get confused. And, to answer your last question, YES there are post-credits scenes! Two of them! Don't leave early.

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