I have three younger sisters who are all in different stages of their life. School and life for teens is already very stressful, but this year just adds more of that stress. Here are what my sisters and others are saying about this school year.

Kiyah- 5th Grade

I have a lot of things I'm mad about. I don't want to wear masks all day, I know it helps, but it will be annoying, and strange. I also won't get to see my friends who are in different classes.

Kiyah knows how serious this is, but for a kid her age this is a very strange new experience.

No recess is a big one too!

Lilli- 9th Grade

I hate the idea of online learning. It makes school harder for me and less fun. I feel weird saying this, but I miss the schedule school offers. Life just feels MEH right now, and I don't have much to look forward to.


Isa- First Year Of College

The MEH feeling kicked in last year for me, and is a big one. At this point it's hard to feel excited for anything. My classes keep changing what they want to do, and even the start dates are messed up.

I also asked about how she plans to continue her job and college.

Man I have no idea. The storm made the place close and now it's open. Maybe COVID will close it again? That would suck. I hate how unsure I am with everything. It feels helpless.

Many kids feel this way, and it's important to check in with hem. We have more ways to deal with stress here. 

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