So, I like to think I'm a walking encyclopedia of useless music knowledge. I feel with the many formats that I've worked in my radio career I  should know a thing or two. Also, being a Dj, it's kind of my job to know a few things so when someone walks up to me at a bar or where ever and asks "who sings that one song that goes like thins? You know, by that one guy?"

Now is your chance to put me to the test. Wednesday night from 5-7 at Buffalo Wild Wings in Davenport I will be putting my money where my mouth is. Stop in, and me a music related trivia question, and if I get it get to pull a prize out of my "Box of Junk."

Yes, there will be everyday B100 swag in the box, but also tickets to see Kevin Hart, and Hinder. I'll also have Shock House passes and two $50 B-Dubs gift cards!

Stop in and put me to the test from 5-7 at Buffalo Wild Wings in Davenport on Wednesday.

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