Margot Robbie will be reprising her role as Harley Quinn in this movie about an all girls "hero" team. They will be fighting The actor Ewan McGregor as he plays the villain known as Black mask.

Release Date: February 7



After years of fans asking for this movie, Marvel has decided to have Scarlett Johansson reprise her role as Black Widow. Rumor has it she may be rocking a Russian accent.

Release Date: May 1


This is the highly anticipated squeal to Wonder woman, and the trailer has fans excited for this one. In case you were wondering. Yes it does take place in 1984.

Release Date: June 5


Staring Jared Leto, This story follows a scientist trying to cure his blood disease and accidentally turns himself into a vampire. This movie is like Venom, it starts a known Spider-man villain as the protagonist. Super

Release Date: July 31


Tom Hardy versus Woody Harrelson sounds like an interesting time, but their is a chance this movies release date may be getting moved to 2021 due to the scarcity of details.

Release Date: October 2



This may not be a name you recognize, but this is a story about, basically super powered demigods created by god like aliens to protect humans. The plot has not been reveled by Marvel yet.

Release Date: November 6

It seems like the love of superhero movies is still going strong, will you be seeing any of these new movies, which movie are you most excited for?