Cheers to the freekin' weekend! Do you have any plans this weekend? It's going to be pretty nice this weekend. Sunny and 50's all weekend. How about a road trip?

According to, how about a haunted road trip? They have compiled a list of the 10 spookiest places in Iowa to visit in Iowa.

10. Farrar Schoolhouse - Maxwell

8. Squirrel Cage Jail - Council Bluffs

6. Mason House Inn - Keosauqua

5. Lover’s Leap Swinging Bridge - Columbus Junction

3. Edinburgh Manor - Monticello

2. Grand Opera House - Dubuque

1. Mathias Ham House - Dubuque

So if you're into the paranormal or basically having the crap scared out of you, this is a trip for you. Read about what makes each location special here. Happy trails friends.




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