So, do you think students should get credit for homework they didn't even turn in? I am going to have to say HECK to the NO. It is a school rule at West Gate that you have to give a student a minimum of a 50% percent because of their "no zeros" grading policy. Meaning, even if the student doesn't turn in their homework, it is mandatory the teacher gives them a 50% instead of a Zero. I am dumbfounded just typing that. So was Diane Tirado, an 8th grade History teacher at West Gate.

Ms. Tirado says teaching was a calling for her. When she saw the the policy, she said there was no way she was going to follow it. So in mid September when one of her students didn't turn in their assignment, Ms. Tirado gave them a ZERO rather than giving them a 50% like the policy says. So on September 14th, she was FIRED for not following school conduct!

What are YOUR thoughts on this?

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