A young man known as "epthreedaily" has been publishing his $0 budget recreation of "Revenge Of the Sith" one minute at a time every day for over 100 days.

He started on TikTok, and it instantly became a hit. I had a chance to talk to him about what inspired this.

It's great to see places like TikTok still offering a place for people to be creative. 

What inspired this idea?

Back in March, I saw someone on Tik Tok recreating “Mamma Mia” every day, and I wondered if anyone was doing the same thing for Star Wars (no one was). I also enjoy doing Star Wars impressions so I thought that this Tik Tok account would be the best place to showcase them.

What is your favorite Star Wars movie?

It’s a tie between Revenge of the Sith, A New Hope, and The Empire Strikes Back... and the Star Wars Holiday Special.

What's Next for you now that this is done?

A lot, actually. I’m going to edit all of the Tik Toks together into one long video and release it on my YouTube page (Episode Three Daily). After I’m done recreating Episode 3, I’ll make more Star Wars related Tik Toks on that account. In addition, I’m a film student so I’m always releasing new short films on my personal YouTube account (Griffin Douglass). Lastly, I’m on Fiverr, and people are able to hire me to read things in Anakin Skywalker’s voice (birthday greetings, promposals, love letters, you name it).

I showed you the first one so here is one of the last ones. It's always fun to see what people think of and what crazy ideas they have to offer. As a fan of Star Wars it's great to see other die hard fans. He also scored points with the TikTok algorithm by posting a video everyday, so everyone wins!

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