Everyone has their own gifts and talent. Some can eat an entire large pizza by themselves. Some can lick their elbow. And some are just really good at bagging groceries. But there's only one guy who's truly the best bagger in Illinois.

And, as it happens, he's not too far from the Quad Cities! According to KWQC, the best grocery bagger in Illinois is a man by the name of Stephen Benson, and he works at Sullivan's Foods.

Now, how exactly do we know he's the best? What kind of tests prove that? Apparently, it all comes down to speed and weight distribution, as well as attitude. Each of these are put to the test annually, as Sullivan's sponsors an annual Best Bagger Contest.

There's a competition at each Sullivan's Foods location and the winner at each store then moves on to a regional contest, then a state contest and finally a national contest.

Now that Benson has won the state level, he's headed on to compete in the national championship in San Diego in February.

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