A few days ago, news broke that the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign is thinking about changing their mascot to an otter. And apparently, they won't be the only ones with a new furry representative.

Thanks to an eccentric call over the weekend, the Bettendorf Police Department has its own new team member, albeit unofficially.

Here's what went down, according to their Facebook page:

While conducting an investigation today, at a local business, Officer Hayes, noticed an odd looking animal outside. He recognized it was a Sugar Glider, which is considered an exotic pet, and was able to safely capture the cold, shivering little fella.

Animal control was contacted and took possession of Bettendorf PD's newest mascot

In case you're not sure – because I definitely wasn't – a Sugar Glider is not a squirrel! It's a marsupial, like a koala bear, but it's also a "gliding possum." It's much cuter than a normal possum though.

Congrats to the BPD on their new best friend!

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