It's official, gas is going to be even more expensive.

It's always kind of a gamble when you go to fill up; prices change nearly every day. It's the tax that's going to get you. After lots of discussion, debating and political process, the Illinois gas tax has officially been increased by 19 cents.

In other words, it's been doubled. Illinois now has the second highest gas tax in the nation. We're even beating New York and California.

Luckily, there's a little bit of time to brace for it; the tax won't officially kick in until July. Now that we've got the when, I had to know — why is this happening?

Well, it's all part of a new infrastructure plan in Illinois. The plan requires $45 billion in funding, so the new gas tax will go toward that. According to, there will also be higher taxes on vehicle registration, cigarettes, parking and more.

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