Iowa and Illinois millennials are joining the rest of the country in losing it over the latest American Girl "historical" dolls.

If you needed to feel old as the hills, try this on for size. Let's remember the American Girl "historic" dolls. I absolutely loved the old American Girls. We had my favorite one, Samantha, who was bougie as ever lived in 1904. Addy was a black girl living in 1864 during the Civil War, Josefina was Native American in New Mexico in 1824, and Molly helped the cause during World War II. I read the heck out of these books, loved the girls and their stories, and learned something.

Now a new "historical" American Girl doll is in the lineup and I'm quaking in my millennial boots.

I present to you: twins Isabel & Nicki Hoffman, from the year 1999.

Just put me in a home already. Holy crap.

While they don't have the gritty background of the old-school American Girls (don't even get me started on that), the "personalities" actually sound like the Olsen twins used to. Isabel's "girl-power goal" is "standing up for her own style", and she enjoys stuff like dancing. Nicki's goal is "conquering her fears", and she's sporty. Kinda like Ashley and Mary-Kate.

The Accessories Are Golden Artifacts

Presented without further comment, the accessories you can get for Isabel and Nicki.

Pizza Hut BOOK IT! Set

Isabel's Bedroom Set

Nicki's Bedroom Set

And finally...their computer.

Millennials Lost Their Minds

The reaction to Isabel & Nicki has become so unglued that American Girl tweeted about it when the dolls were released.


As a millennial who adored American Girl, I now must go get my night serum.

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