Everyone loves a good Netflix binge. But not everyone loves the same show, as evidenced by's breakdown of the most streamed Netflix shows state by state. High Speed Internet came up with the list by taking the top 75 shows on Netflix and cross referencing with Google Trends data.

In Iowa, the Kerry Washington-led ABC drama Scandal takes the top spot. I have never seen an episode of Scandal, but my mom is a huge fan. She happens to live in Illinois though, where the top show is the crime docu series Making A Murderer. Wisconsin's favorite series is just a tad different than both Scandal and Making A Murderer- it's Fuller House. I guess their love of  all things cheesy must extend to television programming.

Iowans aren't unique in their love for Scandal, as it topped the list in Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Georgia, among others. Another popular pick across the country was prison dramedy Orange Is The New Black (one of my favorites)  in states like Alaska, Arizona, Michigan, New Mexico, Nebraska, and Oklahoma. Check out the full list here.

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