TikTok sure is an interesting platform that honestly has a lot of great opportunities for people both young and old. Sometimes though with such a large audience TikTok creates trends that are harmful, luckily this trend isn't harmful. It's just really weird.

TikTok has a feature where once you have 1,000 followers you can "Go live" which means you are live streaming what you are doing, and people can watch. It's only about a five second delay from real time actions. I've gone live a few times just to talk with my viewers, but the new trend is people going live and sleeping. Yes you read that correctly. People are live streaming themselves sleeping for hours.

This trend kicked off over the weekend, and is now going viral, it's mostly college students, or adults since most kids don't have 1,000 followers. Or their parents take their phones away for "bed time" as one popular creator stated who was under the age of 18 and said they would not be doing the trend. Thankfully this trend appears to just be more weird then harmful.

Some of these weird live streams are getting over one hundred thousand views at a time and a million views in total. The people are literally just sleeping. It is the weirdest thing. I stumbled upon this trend by seeing a video about it and then looking up live streams, and sure enough at any given time there are hundreds of people doing this.

Would you live stream your self if it meant you could wake up to thousands of new fans and followers? I may give it a try.

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