Well hello there.  I'm the new guy.  The new guy with B100.  The new guy with Townsquare Media.  The new guy in town.  And I need your help!

I'm Ryan McCredden the new Operations Manager for Townsquare Media here in the Quad Cities.  What does that mean to you?  Not much right now.  But here is the quick background.  Born and raised in northern Wisconsin.  Yeah, I'm a Wisconsin sports fan.  It's born into you up there like cheese, brats and beer.  After 25 years in Wisconsin I moved to Dallas, Texas followed by Tucson, Arizona and most recently in Houston, Texas.  Now I'm back in the mid-west!  And as much as I remember beer and cheese and cold...oh the cold...I need your help to learn the Quad Cities.

After just a week of being back in the mid-west I remember so many of the great things I've missed.  The biggest, and I swear I'm not pandering, is the people.  I have already felt the difference in people around town and here at the radio station.  Helping.  Saying hi.  Smiling at you.  Things that you may take for granted but shouldn't.  People in the mid-west work hard, play hard and take care of each other.  Love that.

So now I'm here in the Quad Cities all by myself until my family sells the house in Houston and joins me.  So where should I go for the best beer and cheese?  Man, that is a running theme in my life.  Good to be back.  When will I need to stock up on allergy medicine cause everything starts blooming?  What road can I drive down without my car being swallowed by a vehicle eating hole?  You know, the basics is what I'm going to be asking you.

The most basic is that this is my first weekend in town.  Where should I go and what should I do?  I don't want to narrow it down at all.  Bars, restaurants, events, parks, areas...all of it!  I want to experience new things, places and people.  So I'm going to leave it open to you.  The loyal B100 listeners to guide me in the right direction!

Let me know what I should do this weekend and we'll talk again next week when I have more questions!