Leave it to TikTok to inspire a conspiracy many people already knew about, and already kinda had an explanation for.

The conspiracy is that selfi cameras and front cameras on phones change the shape of your face. So TikTokers started a trend of taking a video of themselves to show a difference, and there was a difference, but the catch is that TikTok actually does change your face a bit. That's the App's doing, not the phone. Conspiracy solved right? Well not totally.

People have thought phones did this for awhile now. Even before the TikTok trend. Many thought that it changed your face, and again it should be noted a lot of picture taking apps can and do change parts of your face. The normal cameras though reportedly sometimes may compress your face, and don't make you look any different.

There is no 100% answer. Others state that the Selfi camera only shoots in 720 while the front has 1080. I decided to take a picture of my self for research.


Besides looking like I haven't slept for 3 days and the selfi looking a bit more grainy there's no real noticeable difference from what I can tell. You can try this at home and see if your picture looks different.

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