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Very Happy Giraffes at Brookfield Zoo Enjoy Break From Cabin Fever
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The Niabi Zoo is asking for your support during the coronavirus pandemic.

It's no secret that businesses across the country are struggling right now. Restaurants, bars, retail stores, and many more businesses are trying their best to operate during these trying times. The same goes for the Niabi Zoo in Coal Valley.

In an email I received from the Niabi Zoo, there are asking patrons and anyone who loves the Niabi Zoo for continues support. The email reads,

Dear Friends of Niabi Zoo,
As the gates of Niabi continue to be closed, the impact continues to be felt. We not only miss seeing all of you, but the zoo relies on the sales of admissions, retail, feedings and rides for about 75% of its operating funds.
Until we are able to open to the public, our Animal Care Specialist continue to provide excellent care for over 800 animals that live here. That's why we are asking for your donation and support right now.
Your gift will immediately support our animal care & welfare programs, ensuring that we can continue to purchase and prepare high-quality food and offer proper health care for all our animals.
On behalf of the whole team, thanks from Niabi!
Lee Jackson
Niabi Zoological Park

For a limited time, if you give a donation of $50 or more, you will receive a special "Thank You" gift from the zoo.

The Niabi Zoo team is also bringing the Zoo to people at home during the coronavirus pandemic. They have a series of education videos on their Facebook and YouTube pages which include videos like the one below.

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