We all have a sweet tooth, and the holidays bring out some of the best deserts and treats. From cookies, candies, and crazy dessert dishes, each state has a favorite treat.

We are all spending more time online this holiday season, and this has lead to multiple online tests and studies being done. This test takes a look at our favorite holiday treats.

The most popular treats for this holiday season were cheese cake, cookies, and candy. In total 20 states like cakes, while 12 want candy, and 10 know cookies.

And yes fruitcake did make it onto this list even though they are infamous, Carolina had that as their number one pick! Check out What Iowa and Illinois love!

According to Zippia Iowa's favorite teat is Oreo balls. I definitely would have voted for this. If you have never had one you are missing out!

Illinois had an interesting pick with chocolate Santas. While I've never had one, but if they are like chocolate bunnies, I bet they are great!

Other near by states like Wisconsin like Andes peppermint. While others enjoy pudding, and cookies, and not just any cookies, but vegan cookies.

Zippia is a resource site for job seekers, and used Google Trends to find out each state’s favorite Christmas treat. hopefully your favorite made it onto this list. What's your favorite dessert? Let us know on our B100 social media.

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