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Who doesn't love 24 pieces of chicken wings? I know I would love some right about now. A new survey came out asking Americans, "what is your favorite wing sauce?" Grill Cook Bake collected those answers and now we know the Quad Cities' favorite wing sauce.

The website Grill Cook Bake conducted a survey during the month of July to figure out each states favorite sauce, whether they like traditional or boneless wings, and whether they prefer ranch or bleu cheese with their wings. They surveyed 2,550 Americans of all ages and genders. This is what they found when it comes to Iowa and Illinois.

*Disclaimer: When you go to their website you can clearly see they mixed up Illinois and Iowa with other states. We are going off of their tables*

 Favorite Wing Sauce


According to Grill Cook Bake both Iowa and Illinois agree that Honey BBQ is their favorite wing sauce flavor. Now I love spicy everything, but I know most people love their honey BBQ in the Quad Cities. Honey BBQ was the favorite sauce among 15 states.

Ranch or Blue Cheese?

Fresh cut celery sticks and a dish of Ranch dressing dip

This one is pretty obvious... Ranch took the cake on this one. Traditionally, buffalo hot wings are eaten with blue cheese, but ranch is very hard to beat in the Quad Cities and the Midwest in general. In their survey, Grill Cook Bake 58% of Americans prefer ranch to 42% who say they prefer blue cheese.

Traditional or Boneless?

BBQ chicken wings on baking sheet

This is the only category Grill Cook Bake found that Iowans prefer traditional wings while Illinoisans prefer boneless wings. The rest of the country? 56% of American’s prefer traditional wings to 44% who prefer boneless. By the way, boneless wings are chicken nuggets... Change my mind.

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