Wondering if your house is in a safe part of town? Or maybe you're house hunting in the QC area. Either way, not all neighborhoods are equal in Davenport.

Neighborhood Scout

Neighborhood Scout shows a breakdown of crime for each Davenport neighborhood. What seems most obvious is that neighborhoods in and around downtown are the least safe, and generally, areas on the east side of town are the safest. There are some exceptions though, including the West Kimberly Rd and West Locust St areas.

The site breaks down factors like the type of crimes most often committed and your chances of becoming a victim of violent crime in each area.

The saddest thing in reading Neighborhood Scout's breakdown of Davenport is that on a scale of 100 (being the safest), Davenport only received 4 points, and your chance of becoming a victim in the city is unnervingly high-it averages out to around 1 in 18.

Property crimes are extremely high in Davenport, which is unsurprising considering the number of vehicle thefts lately. Violent crime is also prevalent, with murder, rape, and aggravated assault being the most common.

Check out more information on the safest and least safe areas here.

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