Here in the Quad Cities, we have quite a few staples. Quad Cities pizza, our many bridges and murals, and more. But perhaps nothing is as iconic as our truck-eating bridges. And today, the Brady truck eating bridge struck again.

This time, it was a Ryder truck that didn't clear the gap.


It happened just before noon on Tuesday, February 19. Of course, it was right in the middle lane which caused some pretty serious back-up.

How exactly does a truck escape once it's been eaten by the bridge? Well, sometimes they can just squeeze through. But in this case, the driver started letting air out of his tires to bring the height of the truck down a few inches.

At this point we kind of need a pirate-esque sign on this bridge I think. "Abandon all hope, ye tall trucks who enter here." Would it work? Probably not. Would it be awesome? Absolutely.

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