The Infamous YouTuber named ImJayStation has been known to do some very sketchy things from lying to kids about giveaways, to saying offense things on a kids channel, and also using celebrity deaths to get attention, but this one is just weird.

ImJayStation first started to get noticed when he did a 3AM challenge to "talk to Mac Miller" within a few days after he tragically passed away. Jay also did this with many other celebrates, using a Ouija bored. The celebrities would even "say" to subscribe to Jay. Clearly fake.

He became disliked by adults who knew this was a bit distasteful, but loved by kids who thought it was real, but now even kids are seeing some lies. Jay started dating a girl named Alexia Marano for a few months, they even had a channel together with 300K subscribers that Jay owned and called "Dream Team."

This is where things get weird. Out of the blue Jay came out with a video saying ALEXIA HAD DIED! He said that she passed away in a car accident and "all she wanted before she died was for their channel, 'Dream Team' to reach 1 million subscribers." He then made two more videos one talking to her on a Ouija bored, and another visiting the place she "died." They were very awkward and he fake cried

Source: YouTube Credit: ImJayStation
Source: YouTube
Credit: ImJayStation

And then a little bit latter Alexia came forward to say she was alive, and that they in fact broke up and that he was just lying to try and get more subs on the other channel to make money off her. He then deleted his videos and made a new one calling her a liar about other claims she made. They are now making videos trying to "expose" each other.

The saddest part is, it's just two adults talking to kids, trying to make the kids agree with them. I just can't believe JayStation still has a channel with all these crazy scandals that he's done, but kids still love him. Do your kids watch this YouTuber?

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