Who doesn't love a good Hallmark Christmas movie?

And who knew there was one that takes place right here in Iowa, near the Quad Cities.

Only in Your State wrote an article all about the 2016 movie "Christmas in Homestead" and its connection to Eastern Iowa.

In the Hallmark flick, an actress named Jessica decides she wants to film a holiday movie in the small town of Homestead, Iowa; a place that's seemingly obsessed with Christmas.

Of course, similar to the plots of every other Hallmark Christmas movie that's ever been created, Jessica ends up meeting and falling for a resident of the town (in this case, Homestead's mayor/innkeeper, Matt). Oh, and she also ends up learning the true meaning of Christmas, naturally.

Homestead is a very real place, located a little over an hour away from the QC. It's part of the Amana Colonies, and, fun fact, Ashton Kutcher is from the area.

Unfortunately, the movie was not actually filmed in Iowa. Dahlonega, Georgia stood in for Homestead, but hey, at least Iowa can be proud of the fact that a Hallmark movie takes place here (and hopefully helped boost tourism for the town).

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